The technique of High Definition Liposculpture

Welcome To BDY Surgery

BDY SRGY is New York’s premier body contouring and liposuction practice in New York. We offer minimally invasive surgical contouring procedures such as as wide awake 360 degree liposuction, fat transfer to breast and buttocks, and mini tummy tucks. Our surgeries are performed by board certified plastic surgeons who are graduates from top notch surgical training programs. We offer the safest liposuction techniques and wide awake, pain free local anesthesia with minimal downtime. We use Vaser TM ultrasound technology with our fine caliber liposuction instrumentation to safely disrupt the fat cells before remove them and without scarring the overlying skin. This allows us to perform ultra high definition liposuction in the office giving you the best results possible with the least downtime and discomfort.

The indications for Ultra High Definition liposuction

Our patients typically want liposuction because they

Have excess fat in specific areas of their body that just won’t quit

Are already fit but want a more sculpted physique

Just had a baby and want their definition back

Had trouble losing fat even after a strict diet and exercise routine

Don’t have 3 hours to spend each day in the gym

What is ultra high definition (UHD) liposculpting?

UHD liposuction allows use to obtain the most precise and finest liposuction results available. Using ultrasonic waves (sound waves) our surgeons can sculpt the contours of your body with utmost precision and safety. These soundwaves will cause the fat to break up from the surrounding tissues without the risk of thermal injury to the overlying skin. The goal of UHD liposuction is create shadows of contour and peaks and valleys where necessary to accentuate your muscle tones. All fat is not bad and a good liposuction surgeon understands and appreciates this fact. Our surgeons are trained to accentuate the areas where fat should be retained and slim the contour surrounding it.

How its Done

A consultation is first conduct either in person at our manhattan offices or virtually online. Your areas of concern are addressed and our professional opinion is given on how best to proceed. Our goal is to be in harmony with your desires and we will always tell you what’s best and not just what you want to hear.

After a consultation, our scheduler can then offer you prices and dates of availability. You can eat and drink right up until the procedure is performed (but we recommend a light meal/snack so you will not be bloated. Ice and local anesthesia is administered using our injectable cannulas to make sure you don’t feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. The area is then prepped and draped and you can either use your phone, listen to music, or watch Netflix while we remove the areas of stubborn fat. Dissolvable stitches are placed to close the small access incisions and you will be placed in a supportive garment.


Patients are instructed to shower after 48hrs and continue the supportive garment for at least 3 weeks. You may be black and blue for up to 2 weeks but you can easily go out for walks or dinner after 1-2 days. We allow a glass of wine or a beer after the first night of recovery. We allow you to work out after 2 weeks. Final results take at least 3-4 months to appreciate but you will see a difference immediately. Further weight gain or loss will accentuate or alter your results.

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