Fat Transfer

Breast Augmentation without Implants ( Fat grafting to the breasts)

Looking for more volume without resorting to silicone implants? Looking to remove your implants but still want some fullness and shape? Why not use fat from unwanted areas on your body to help you achieve your goals of fuller cleavage? Using small access incisions less then the width of a pencil eraser we can harvest fat, process it, and then inject it into the breast tissue improving overall shape and volume.
The results speak for themselves.

Before After

How much of the fat injected will survive?

We anticipate at least 50% of the fat injected will incorporate in.

BBL (Fat Grafting to the Buttocks)

Gluteal augmentation or popularly known as Brazilian Butt lift involves using some of the fat that removed from your belly and back ares that is injected to the buttocks and thighs. The goal is accentuate the curvature of the body contour without creating a fake, cartoon looking shape. Fat is harvested using the liposuction cannulas, processed and cleaned, then concentrated and re-injected. Some of fat may resorb during the 1st postoperative month, but we expect 50-70% retention. Injected fat behaves like the fat from the area it is harvested so heavy weight gain or loss will lead to expected fat changes. One size does not fit all and we work together to determine what kind of result you are looking for.