Gynecomastia Surgery Under Local, Minimally Invasive

Gynecomastia, or male breast enlargement, can be an area of significant dysphoria for men. Instead of larger visible scars to remove the excess breast tissue, we can combine our UHD liposuction technique with a small periareolar incision (around the nipple) to remove the tissue and help tighten up the loose overlying skin. The results are quicker recovery and a well sculpted upper torso allowing you to hit the beach faster and gain your confidence back.

Surgery is done under just local anesthesia while you relax or watch a streaming video. Our patients only rarely even need pain medication after their surgery. Many of our patients go back to work within 1-2 days. We encourage wearing supportive compression garments for 2-3 weeks after the procedure. Throw away the baggy shirts and get the chest shape you deserve.

Patients who have excess saggy skin and volume may require a more invasive treatment. We can determine this during your consult.